Fall 2017
Office hours:  Mondays 1:45-4:45, Tuesday 2:00-2:30, Wednesday 1:00-2:00, Thursday 2:00-2:30, Fridays by appointment.

If you drop by during office hours and my door is closed, you are welcome to knock or wait to see if I'm just running an errand down the hall.  I try to leave a sticky note if I'm not around during office hours.  If you need to meet with me outside of office hours, please email me (kschuene at to set up an appointment or talk to me before or after class.  I'm also happy to advise meteorology majors and minors during these times.   Thank you for your consideration in making our interactions efficient!
Classroom Schedules:

Old Schedules: 

Here is my old schedule for Fall 2013:

Here is my schedule for spring 2013: